Getting an oil boiler service is...

just as important as keeping all other fuel burning appliances serviced. This is not only recommended for your safety but also to help prolong the life of your Boiler so you aren’t hit with unnecessary costs

All appliances that burn fuel can lead to Carbon Monoxide related issues if not maintained or serviced regularly, here at The Gas Doctor we provide many services that can help improve the efficiency and safety of your Boiler here are just a few of our many services;

  • Oil Boiler servicing
  • Oil Boiler repair
  • Oil Boiler Installation
  • Oil Boiler replacement
  • Oil Tank replacement


Oil Boiler service

It is essential to have your oil fired boiler serviced regularly can keep it operating at its most efficient. This reduces bills and saves you money on unexpected breakdowns. Majority of boiler manufacturers recommend that a service is carried out annually to ensure safe operation. Long term damage can also occur if the boiler is not serviced regularly; corrosive deposits will build up on the internal surfaces of the heat exchanger and the baffles which can decrease boiler efficiency.



Oil Boiler Repair

If your oil boiler breaks down we offer prompt service to get your oil boiler back up and running. We use genuine parts in our oil boiler repairs. You can have peace of mind in knowing one of our technicians will get straight to the source of the problem and always keep your informed so there is never a nasty shock when the bill comes.


Oil Boiler/Burner Replacement

There are times when the repair of a boiler is not an economic option, nor a safe one. The Gas Doctor can provide a full Oil Boiler Replacement that suits your needs and budget. Our aim is to keep the customer is 100% satisfied, we can provide all available options and work one on one with the client until the problem is happily resolved. As we have many years’ experience in this field we know it is important to keep the process as stress free as possible for the client. We use local suppliers and aim to have the installation complete in a prompt yet professional manner.