The Gas Doctor specialise in Gas Boiler service, Gas Boiler Repair, Gas Boiler Installation.

We are fully qualified and insured. All of our team are fully registered with the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland. We take great peace of mind in knowing you and your family are safe, this is why we always stay up to date on all the latest training and courses from Gas boiler manufacturers and training centres. Some of the services we provide are as follows

  • Gas Boiler service
  • Gas Boiler Installation
  • Gas Boiler Commissioning
  • Gas Boiler repairs
  • Gas Boiler maintenance
  • Gas Boiler replacement/upgrade
  • Gas Cooker/hob repairs 
  • Gas Cooker/hob installation 
  • Gas Fire servicing
  • Gas Fire repairs
  • Gas Fire installation/replacement
  • Gas leak detection service
  • Gas line repairs
  • Gas line installation/replacement
  • Carbon monoxide detection/safety test




Gas Boiler Service

In the Interest of your safety it is strongly recommended that your Gas Boiler is serviced yearly. The Gas Doctor understands your Gas Boiler Service can be put off. Putting off your Gas Boiler Service may leave your boiler unsafe and its efficiency may be affected this is why we offer our customers a competitive rate including a Gas Boiler Service certificate. We operate an emergency Gas service 24/7, so we are always happy to help


Gas Boiler Repair

Gas Boiler Repair will always be a priority at our company, this is why we are one of the leading gas boiler service and repair companies. You can have peace of mind in knowing one of our fully qualified technicians will get straight to the source of the problem and always keep your informed so there is never a nasty shock when the bill comes.


Gas Boiler replacement

There are times when the repair of a boiler is not an economic option, nor a safe one. The Gas Doctor can provide a full Gas Boiler Replacement that suits your needs and budget. Our aim is to keep the customer is 100% satisfied, we can provide all available options and work one on one with the client until the problem is happily resolved.


Gas Boiler Installation/Upgrade

When a customer feels the need to upgrade their heating system to a newer more efficient one, The Gas Doctor will always take the necessary steps to suit each individual’s needs. As we have many years’ experience in this field we know it is important to keep the process as stress free as possible for the client. We use local suppliers and aim to have the installation complete in a prompt yet professional manner.