Gas and oil boiler services

Gas and oil boiler services

At The Gas Doctor we specialise in both gas and oil boiler services including repair, replacement and installation. 

Gas Boiler Service

Our company specialises in gas and oil boiler services, repair and installation, We are fully qualified and insured. All of our team are fully registered with the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland. We take great peace of mind in knowing you and your family are safe, this is why we always stay up to date on all the latest training and courses from Gas boiler manufacturers and training centres.

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Oil Boiler Service

Keeping your gas and oil boiler services is just as important as keeping all other fuel burning appliances serviced. This is not only recommended for your safety but also to help prolong the life of your Boiler so you aren’t hit with unnecessary costs. All appliances that burn fuel can lead to Carbon Monoxide related issues if not maintained or serviced regularly, here at The Gas Doctor we provide many services that can help improve the efficiency and safety of your Boiler

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